Wednesday, July 25

the *only* answer...

 meet custard...

 the obvious and only answer to our noisy chick problem...

now totally best friends, chirping at each other as they go about their daily routine of eating, sleeping and pooping...

however the first moment that piccalilli clapped eyes on dear sweet custard it was most definitely NOT love at first sight..

piccalilli was furious...

he even managed to flap his teeny tiny wings and elevate himself a few centimetres off the ground..

actual elevation - that's how furious he was..

 a few hours in the same apple crate separated by a rather tall box so that they could hear each other but not actually touch and the angry noise from piccalilli stopped and i felt sure that all would be well..

and it was!

 now they are inseparable...

piccalilli and custard
not a culinary match made in heaven but who cares?

mama hen is still sitting on eggs so i am expecting that more chickies will be along soon :)

t x


  1. How adorable is THAT?!!!! =D


  2. They are so sweet. But maybe piccalilli is going to be a brute when he/she grows up (you can see the determination in those eyes..)

    Mustard next?

  3. oooh they are just beyond cute and I want to (gently) squeeze them rather too badly! x

  4. You have an ace life. It just doesnt get any cuter, does it?


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