Friday, August 17

boys den

this morning i trekked down the muddy track in order to clean and spruce two of my most favourite boys den..

boris and rodders our elderly rams are merrily residing near the bottom barn, away from the noise of the ewes and there lambs..
they are both ancient in ram terms, one is infertile and the other has arthritis
neither are of any use in terms of future offspring, so instead they are enjoying there retirement by strolling about, eating and occasionally shouting at passing cyclists..

they are hardy souls despite there age as they are native breeds, but they do both hate rain, so a boys den is a must have..

they are never happy to see the wheelbarrow and tools as they do rather hate me being inside there "pit"..
they huff around the doorway, giving the wheelbarrow a few sly headbutts just to let me know that all is not right in there otherwise perfect day..

i think the reason they hate my cleaning visit is the fact that i leave the den empty after sweeping so that it has a chance to air and dry out
this means a lack of a deep comfy bed for half a day

sadly for the chaps  i seem to have emptied the den and now it is raining hard - they will no doubt both be standing inside looking horrified at the lack of comfort ..
i am not going back down to look
a grumpy ram is never a good sight..

i of course had help on my cleaning duty today ..

talulla also became a trifle miffed when the rain started to fall
seemingly both rams and whippets are displeased with today's weather..

t x


  1. the weather has been pants here too! curlingg up with Lucy on the your glad you dont have to share your sofa with two upset rams!

  2. I hope all that nice fresh straw you gave them later made up for a little temporary discomfort!

    The male of the species is always the most demanding of things.


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