Tuesday, August 14

i'm picking out a thermos for you....not an ordinary thermos for you...

 the tiny series

tiny brooches with carefully stitched images and text..
each and every one unique..

the tiny series will feature items that have been part of my life, things i have loved, collected, treasured and coveted..

the first in the tiny series is the thermos..

all available in my shop now..

choose which one to take on your next road trip adventure..

t x

*title of this post from one of my  favourite films.... the jerk*

this ones for you woo x


  1. They are gorgeous - I have a major crush on all things thermos...it must be my upbringing.

    Nina xxx

  2. Those are really cute! :) Carolyn

  3. those are really cute! :) I'm going to your shop now - I hope you have some left! :) Carolyn


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