Monday, August 20

testing my new mantra...

last night sometime after supper, i trundled upstairs to check upon piccalilli, custard and crumpet who are currently living in our bathroom (more on them soon)..

between my head shaking at the havoc three tiny chicks can cause and the delight at going back to my cuppa and flapjack, i happened to glance out of the window...

what i saw stopped me in my tracks
i was unsure if i should yell and raise the alarm, but decided that i should perhaps take heed of my new mantra of looking properly before panicking..
this is but one of my new mantras that i mumble to myself constantly throughout the day but i shall tell that tale on another day..
whilst panicking inside  but remaining gracefully calm externally i popped my head around the day room door and casually informed stephen that i thought that there was a distinct chance that the very forest that we live in was on fire...

now i should have taken more notice of the lack of speed with which stephen got up and tied that up with the look of utter disbelief at the nonsense that he could hear spouting from me, but to be frank i was too busy admiring the fact that my new found mantra seemed to be working and i was still calm..

we pulled on wellies and went to investigate

upon opening the front door i was aware of the lack of wood smoke in the air so felt that there was no need for me to go any faster which was a blessing for i had not finished my large slab of flapjack so was feeling a little low on energy..

this is the sight that greeted us in the back yard looking down our fields to the beck..

 never before have we seen such beautiful mists rolling in, usually it just sits in small patches between the trees..
turns out that the forest was not on fire after all
just a little more magical looking than normal

t x


  1. Oh wow, these pictures are absolutely fantastic. I've probably said it before, but you live in such a wonderful place. I'm very jealous.

    P.S. Looking forward to piccalilli et al update!

  2. phew....thank goodness for that!
    and so you could relax with your flapjack and cuppa and admire the misty hills.

  3. Oh wow......what amazing pictures, and i have to say, 'what a relief also' , what a glorious place you live, hugs Pixie x


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