Tuesday, August 21

the hairy chair...

at first glance i was in love..
the shape of her..
the good condition of her for her age...
the fact that she was completely free...
and came as a pair..

it was only after these *nice* feelings that i noticed the hair..
many many months of hair from a hairy hairy dog that clearly was the previous owner of my new love..
i am sure the hairy owner was as much in love with miss chair as i, but i had greater plans for miss chair that simply did not include hair..

so the stripping began..

 the hens were curious...

they beckoned over a boreray ewe with her babe ..
both declared miss chair a lost cause..

 but once stripped of the nasty nasty fabric she looked kind of beautiful..

i have popped her inside the snug, remember the room i was telling you about before?
still not finished
still has hideous carpet and damp walls..

i think once she has been dressed in some of my linen loot which a very special friend gave me, and perhaps a patchwork cushion, she will be super lovely..

shame i have never upholstered anything in all of my forty years
could be quite a journey..

no doubt a long one full of much shouting and tantrums



  1. It is a most lovely chair.....it will look lovely when transformed!


  2. You know what they say about great minds?



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