Wednesday, August 22

there may be only one sweetpea..

but i shall admire it anyway...

 i wish i could put the distinct lack of sweetpeas this year down to the weather..
but that would be a big fat giant fib..

its down to the disappearance of my once reasonably able green fingers and this guy..

the most frequent visitor to the front garden and muncher of sweetpeas..

what can you do?

t x


  1. Ours were all eaten by deer . . .

  2. oh you can't shout at him!

  3. Oh that made me giggle, I agree with Lyn, you can't shout at him, but perhaps next summer put some netting round them?

  4. hi susan x
    trouble is if i put netting or chicken wire round anything the sheep get their horns stuck and end up dragging the whole lot around the field!!
    i fear that all my fruit and flowers will have to be grown in hanging baskets :)
    t x

  5. Aaah, he's a beauty, alright. And at least he left you one?

    Oh hold on, I think I see him coming back.. Jx

  6. Oh i love sweet peas, i tried growing some once,,,,,i think i got two.!

    Never did have green fingers.


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