Tuesday, September 25

and so it begins...

 the first of this years christmas creations...

due to many, many rescue mouths to feed and an appalling year for hay, i am using and working with what i have, and feeling incredibly lucky to have such sweet friends who have given me fabric parcels and goodies...

i shall craft away happily making goods to sell via my etsy shop and with a good wind and a little bit more confidence in what i make and create, i hope to also attend a number of craft fairs..

all pennies raised will go towards feeding our motley crew over the long winter months..

best get on with it..

t x

** apologies for appalling quality of pictures in today's post, i am hoping that bad pictures are marginally better than no pictures!


  1. i love your christmas tree shaped fabrics and embellishments ;0)x

  2. I hate to start thinking about Christmas already, but if you are making things then you have to!

    They look lovely. I will keep an eye on the shop. Yours is a cause very close to my heart. Jx

  3. I don't know what the fuss is about! Who doesn't enjoy looking forward to the wonderful joys that December brings? :) I hope to see your Christmas tree's on our very own Christmas tree x


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