Wednesday, October 3

it's milo's fault....

 anyone who reads this blog will know that my heart belongs to hounds..
mainly whippets but with lurchers, greyhounds, deerhounds and dear sweet daxies coming very close behind in the heart tugging stakes...

then i met milo...

my sisters chihuahua..

ack what a sweet little chap and so not like the idea of chihuahuas i had in my head
 *tiny, ugly, snappy*

nope, marvellous milo is a superstar, full of personality, charm and cheek and he even ran through the forest with the whippets!

not a handbag in sight


i totally blame milo for my latest brooch design

got myself a little chihuahua crush going on...

t x


  1. so nice to find you again. these are so sweet

  2. What a lovely little face. Very nice brooches too.
    Carol xx

  3. I think Milo is a cutiepie...x


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