Thursday, September 6

piccalilli, custard and crumpet

the three amigos

turned from fluff to feather in the blink of an eye

going through the scruffy, ugly stage of growing up but i still adore them

 constantly looking for trouble...

 eating us out of house and home..
surprising how much three tiny birds can put away...


always together and completely panicked if one of the bunch wanders off out of sight

but best of all, the very best, is that each night when they cuddle up together in their bed of straw and hay, piccalilli stretches out his still only tiny wing and offers shelter and warmth to sweet little crumpet...


i love these three chicks

when piccalilli and custard were newly here and before the arrival of our dear sweet crumpet, i fashioned together two twig hangings to celebrate the arrival of the pair...

i have yet to make one for the youngest member but i will..

three tiny pips that brighten each and every day

now we just wait and wait and hope that they are all girls

we already have three cockerel's and i am sure without any doubt that they would not be delighted at the arrival of anymore, especially young feisty chaps who no doubt will approach with a swagger and try to steal the best looking ladies...

lets start hoping for girls eh?

t x


  1. Oh Tracy, they are indeed utterly adorable. Thanks for posting latest pictures.

    Are they still living in the bathroom??!

    And so cute that they go around together, and help each other out. Perhaps that makes it more likely they are ladies?

  2. I hope they are girl......when will you know...or is that a daft question!


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