Thursday, September 20

the unknown is a fearful thing...

i have been very quiet both here on my blog, in my day to day life and also in my very soul..

just under two weeks ago my doctor found a lump in my left breast...

i rarely visit the doctors as i am lucky health wise and this was my very first visit to my new local surgery..
my doctor was also newly qualified..
i may have scared her with my sobbing..

from that visit it has taken under two weeks for the wonder that is the NHS to get me booked in to my nearest breast clinic which is where i was a few days ago...

before i go any further i have to say that i am all clear
one of the lucky ones
very very very lucky

i just wanted to write down my experience here and really shout from the roof tops about how wonderfully caring and sweet the hospital staff were ...


this minor blip in my road has really stopped me starting that winter nesting thing that i get every year, you know the feeling right?

the gathering of blankets, extra cushions and hot water bottles..

the cursing of a lack of a decent wood pile... every year the same

the draw towards bringing the entire forest inside the house as i know walking amongst the trees will get less and less as the daylight hours are stolen away by animal and household tasks...

i may be a little behind this year but i shall catch up..

 although i am slightly regretting taking up the carpet in the day room even though it was a hideous colour and covered with all manner of nasty things dragged in on the feet of whippets, it did give a little warmth under the feet and softened the sounds of tap dancing hounds...

rug making is at the top of my to-do list

t x


  1. i do enjoy your posts on your life, creations and photography ;0)
    that must have been a bit daunting- but so glad all is clear! woohoo!
    when i was 18 i had a similar scare, but luckily after a nerve racking two week wait i found out it was just breast tissue...i sobbed for days as id kept it all hidden from family n friends as i worried what the outcome makes you realise how precious life is...i often check myself to make sure now im in my 30's...i love those Autumnal cosy pics- those cushions are lovely

    best wishes,


  2. Oh Tracy. I too have been through this experience, earlier this year and before that as well. It is a dreadful ordeal, and it takes a few days to get back on your feet.

    Take care, and throw yourself into a few of the things that you most enjoy. And give those chicks a hug for me. Jessica.

    P.S. I've started the chair...

  3. Bloody hell Tracy!! I'm so pleased it was all clear. SO PLEASED!!!! Just after mum was diagnosed my GP found a mole that was very suspicious and sent me to the oncologist less than a week later. I was also one of the very lucky ones, but I will never forget how that week felt.
    I am so pleased that you're ok!!! xxxx

  4. Oh golly Tracy, what a terrible experience for you! I am SO glad it's all ok. Grab your warmth and trees and whatever else brings you comfort lovely lady xxx

  5. Yes I too have been through it, what I hadn't realised was how upsetting it was for my husband, he cried with joy in the hospital when i had the all clear, that was the most upsetting bit for me! So glad its good news for you, now nestle into your nest and get ready for thre gorgeous Autumn x

  6. Tracy!

    While you were posting this up, I was at the hospital getting my first dreaded M! Something is wrong - not a lump - but in the left - I find out sometime this morning if it's cancer or not.

    Quiet! It's odd - that's how I am - not in a tizzy - not in a worry - not exuberant, either. Just quiet.

    I'm so glad that it's turned out alright for you! Oh, I'm so glad!!!

    as for the wood pile.... it's like a million twenty ton mosquitoes have been unleashed in the neighborhood and their all named 'Chainsaw'! =/ =] At least, after so many years of it, it's not irritating noise anymore but a cozy sound that I associate with autumn! =]

    Take care!!!


    Katy xxo

  7. Well, whatever it is, it's not the big C! Oops! Getting choked up! It's about to sink in - it felt so distant but, I think, on some level I must have been scared.

    Thanks for you kind thoughts, Tracy!


  8. So pleased to read that you were given the all clear!


  9. Tracy i am so glad that all turned out well.....poor you, what a horrible few weeks that must of been.
    I am feeling the relief with you.
    Take care
    Pixie x

  10. Just read this post- poor you. I also found a lump while on holiday (tried not to think about it but a tab hard not too!) All was ok and Im very glad you are too. I have the dreaded Winter doldrums too! BOO HOO!! X Need sun!
    Ede is 99% covered up with a blanket, she is sulking! Missing sunbathing!! xxx

  11. omg Tracy,
    You are truly blessed to have got through such a ruff time.

    I'm so so happy for you my lovely and very sorry for not being here for you via email.
    I had no idea :(

    Sending you much love covered in vintage blanket warmth xxx


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