Saturday, October 20

stitching with a purpose...

lately i have been merrily stitching and piling up the makes with no grand plan for what i am going to do with any of them..

lots of things are half finished, stitchery whims that will lay forgotten for no doubt evermore...

piles and piles of forgotten stitches...

so, a swift kick up the bee-hind was needed and i have now finally booked space in a few local christmas craft fairs..

the decision to do this was not taken lightly for i have done more than my fair share of crafty events in the past

i know that feeling of why on earth have i bothered to drag all of this loot here and have come home with a profit of exactly £2.75 and some stale shortbread from the cake stand that looked less than delightful...

but if i do nothing then all my stitching will be in vain, my crafting mojo will take a dramatic down slide and i shall be full of woe...

so it is with a slight heavy heart, a deep breath and the faint whiff of despair that i will drag apple crates and large branches from the forest with which to display my wares along to a variety of venues...

no doubt the locals will smile and walk on by but i shall at least have had a nice day out, my wares will have had an airing and the pigs will get that stale old shortbread

wish me luck

t x


  1. Good luck with the stitchery & selling!

  2. I did craft fairs for years, selling very little and coming away feeling despondant. Then I found better fairs, ones that were well organised, well publicised and full of really lovely crafts where mine sat nicely alongside. I sold well, met lots of lovely crafty peeps and had a great time. Maybe you need to look further afield and find better fairs?

    Good luck T xxx

  3. I do wish you luck. And wish I was nearer so I could come along. Jx

  4. I dont know how anyone could walk past your stall and not at the very least stop to admire all the lovely things, if you or i were closer i would come along and i know i would have a hard time not just saying "ill take the lot" lol
    good luck
    katie d xxx

  5. Yes it can be very sole destroying, i've done my fair share of shortbread nibbling :-)
    I love your things...well you know that, as Viola is coming to live with me, I wish you loads of luck and hope all the right kind of people come along x


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