Friday, October 26

thrifting with one half of the queens of granny chic..

there are two queens of granny chic
one lives far far away across the sea in a land of giant thrift stores
the other lives over the hill from me

despite the large distance between the two they have managed to create a most lovely book that hopes to inspire many of us to find our inner granny
it is full of the most lovely loveliness
image after image of their granny abodes
and many projects to spark a little creativity 
it is a super book that will, without a doubt become the very best of best sellers

two girls whom i am very fond and very proud of

yesterday was the big day
an enormous day 
book publishing day
and what better way to spend the day than a spot of thrifting

now officially named 

** the most marvellous granny chic thrifting day**

it was just i and dear rachelle who stepped out in our finest granny boots as tif was many many miles away attending to little olives needs...

and what a day we had
so many treasures passed before our eyes as we chatted and laughed our way round
lots came home with us
typically my loot contained a number of abandoned creatures
a short legged hound and a donkey

i reluctantly left the mole on the shelf along with the one eyed cat...

more thrifting adventures, and a rather special project  are all planned for the near future which makes me feel very blessed indeed ...

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  1. It's so satisfying when you come home with things that you like!


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