Friday, November 2

cabin fever

this week the weather has been truly ghastly
 wind, rain, sleet and hail...
pretty much constantly
i have washing that i put out on the line at the start of the week now lying in  piles across the muddy front garden
i cannot be arsed to go and pick it all up, wipe off the slugs and wash it all again
i figure that it will all still be there when the rain stops 
and before you gasp in shock i know i am a rubbish housewife..


seeing as i have water and wind phobic whippets this has been a very tricky week..
all holed up in the one warm room in this old farmhouse of ours..
slowly driving each other crazy

want to see what cabin fever looks like?

here it is
one bored, whinging whippet

 oh fat controller of weather let this weekend be dry or else the whippets will eat me alive...


  1. Oh, poor Tracy and poor whippets. They must so want to go out for a good long run.

  2. I don't know if I'm supposed to be laughing.... ? =/ But, you and your whippets! and your old farmhouse and these remote weathery places you live in...!!! =]

    Tracy, I love how real you are!



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