Thursday, November 1


i have that jittery, unsettled feeling in my bones..
it feels as if something is waiting just around the corner and any moment now it is going to leap out and scare the bejezers out of me...
i have no inkling if this thing is good or bad
its just a feeling

in response to this unsettling feeling sitting just around the corner, my mind and hands are being kept busy with a little clearing, shifting and stripping...
clearing surfaces, tables, walls....
shifting of thrifty treasures in to boxes where they will wait patiently for they are sure to be dragged out another time and given their chance to shine once more...
stripping of lighter curtains in readiness for the heavy winter blankets and velvets to keep out the biting yorkshire winds...

and whilst i wait with a little fear of the thing round the corner,  i sew..
lots of sewing..
quietly stitching whilst i wait for a yarn delivery or two..
whereupon i shall knit and crochet quietly but still with one eye firmly on that corner ....


  1. Hmmmm... an odd feeling of something around the corner? I had to double and triple check the date to make sure it wasn't Halloween and that your feeling might not be a very possible one of a monster around the corner but, no.... November first premonitions usually mean SNOW around here! eep! Well, hope it's something pleasant!


  2. Oh dear, i hate that feeling. Sometimes it just goes away itself and you'll be left with a much straighter house...i hope thats what happens this time.
    BTW-I love that fire.

  3. Perhaps it is just the changing season, and the shifting of the clocks.

    Are the animals restless too? They're often much more attuned than we are to changes in the air.

  4. Oh my, I hope whatever is around the corner is a pleasant surprise!


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