Monday, November 5

new job title...

dog slave
maker of often appalling meals
cat slave
chaser of sheep
pig slave
horse sniffer

and now goat herder...

this weekend our charity did what it does best
it rescued 22 goats that were due to have their throats cut...

after an epic journey, a battle with a frightfully rude woman, a little swearing in front of a minor, the goats are here

i have spent years avoiding goats
the tales you hear of their naughtiness and the way they smell so bad..
i like sheep
i know sheep
goats were never on my wish list

oh my
how foolish i have been

goats are beautiful

and yes yes they do indeed stink to high heaven, this morning as i rounded the corner from the house to the barn where they are currently enclosed i was hit with the goat whiff that almost stopped me in my tracks..
but after sitting on an upturned bucket taking pictures, gently chatting to them, watching how they reacted to meeting hens for the first time... well i am smitten

just look how smiley goats are... who knew!

i am now very very pleased to add goat herder to my slightly odd job description....


  1. Oooh. Goats are beautiful. Among my (many) favourites.
    Well done, you guys.
    But that's a lot of extra mouths to feed..

  2. oooh i so want to adopt some smelly goats....dare I xx

  3. I adore goats they are such v. nice "people" but oh dear they are awfully good escape artists. Good luck.

  4. Your smiley goats are lovely! xx


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