Saturday, December 8

one thousand club....

We rescue and provide sanctuary for farm animals in need.
We’re passionate about animal welfare, and operate a no-slaughter policy. That means we produce fleece and eggs from our rescue animals – and vegetables from our market garden – but not meat.
We believe in farming with nature, not against it. We’re working towards organic certification, and conserve and promote wildlife within a farming context.
We encourage the use of native UK livestock breeds – and think rare breeds have something particularly special to offer.

We work to raise awareness of all these things, and to educate children about farming, nature and where their food comes from. We run courses (on everything from livestock management to bee-keeping), and receive school group visits.

We believe that all this amounts to farming as it should be: High welfare food production, working in tune with nature, and keeping it as local and as natural as possible.
However, we’re a small, independent charity, and we need your help. We receive no government or lottery funding, so we rely on donations from people like you. Our supporters allow us to rescue more animals, create wildlife-friendly farming habitats, and educate the next generation.

To help us achieve all this we have created the 1000 club. Why the 1000 Club you may ask? This is how much it costs us each month to run. To join costs £1/month and you can sign up by clicking on our DONATE LOGO which will take you to Pay Pal, it’s on the right of the page.
What do you get? Other than that warm feeling of helping animals in need, you will receive our monthly newsletter.
We would be really grateful if you could sign up or share with as many people as possible to help us to help more animals.

pop over to the blog page of our super dooper charity WEBSITE whereupon you can help us hugely for just £1 per month

please, please, please share this with others that may be able to help too

hip hip hooray 

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