Sunday, November 18

sunday stitching...

today is all about stitching, patching, making...

turning piles and piles of scraps in to saleable goods...

you see, i am a very lucky girl indeed as in less than two weeks time i shall be attending the hugely exciting Country Living Fair in Harrogate

yes indeedy, my wares will be on full show and this scares the bejezzers out of me...

now before anyone wolf whistles at my huge good fortune let me give you all the facts..

i am in fact a very happy and willing helper for my wonderful and creative friend rachelle, you know her already, here she is over at ted and agnes...

being the incredibly good egg that rachelle is she has kindly suggested that my wares would sit amongst her finery quite nicely and raise some much needed funds for our animal rescue charity in order to buy extra feed and bedding over the winter months ahead..

now this is great news but it is also giving me slight tummy wobbles as i am not sure how my wares are going to stand up or indeed blend in with rachelle's amazing work..

i know, i know i am worrying yet again but i seriously do not want to let my friend down and make a fool of myself..

today i have cleared the table and my mind and i will stitch
until i come up with wares that will suitably fit in with both rachelles talent as a maker and the granny chic style

here's hoping for good results


  1. Your things are so creative and original - and cute! they will do well -- blessings on you and your venture. And your animals :-)

  2. You will be fine, Tracy. You are so talented, and the money you raise goes to an excellent cause.

  3. is any of your gorgeous stuff going in your shop for sale before Xmas, please give us a chance to but some of it that can't get up north pleeeeeeeease. Regards Karan

  4. Wow, you will be fine Tracy, love your style and it will sit so well with Ted n Agnes! Good luck x

  5. The things you make are wonderful! Hope its going well x

  6. you make gorgeous gorgeous things and you will be fine.X


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