Saturday, December 29

quiet moments

its an odd time between christmas and the new year and even though we did not really celebrate or put up many decorations, it still feels that we have slowed down a little..

the animal rescue side of our work carries on every single day regardless but we have made the effort to sit and rest a little extra and eat treats...

but to be honest i am grateful it is nearly all over, christmas makes me think more about those that i have lost and those that i cannot be with. 

all that is left to do is see in the brand new year and cross all my fingers and toes that 2013 will be slightly brighter and kinder to us....


  1. With best wishes for a happy, brighter and easier 2013 to you all.

    Glad to see that the pom pom decoration survived...


  2. Lots of Love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. This Christmas felt much the same to's to a brighter year in 2013!



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