Tuesday, January 1

the very first...

here it is the very first day of a brand new shiny year...

we have spent the entire day cleaning out the goat barn and then filling it with tasty branches for the beautiful loons to investigate and chew.

the hope is that they will soon have a secure outside paddock which will have *very* high fencing to prevent them from taking off for jollies in the forest which in turn annoys the heck out of the rangers and offers the cyclists a few surprises...

we are busily raising funds over on our charity website for the fencing supplies, we are hoping that  folk will join our one thousand club by donating just one pound per month...

a lot of folk giving a little will help us to give these rescue animals the very best in life :)

take a peek HERE and donate if you can

a goat day.....pretty cool start to the year :)


  1. Great pictures Tracy, and great start to the year. They are such lovely smiley creatures aren't they... unless you're a cyclist maybe!

  2. Wishing you all a very happy 2013 xxx

  3. Your goats are so cute! We have a neighbor that raises goats and I love to see them in the fields.

    Happy New Year to you, Stephen, and all your animals!


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