Monday, January 21

foxy fox

the events of the last few weeks has stopped my creating mojo in its tracks..

no time to fiddle with fabric or yarn....

no brain space left to think further than the animals needs...

all that has been done on the craft front is a few tiny stitches now and then upon my foxy fox...

he sits by my chair in the snug and waits hopefully for a few kindly placed stitches, slowly slowly coming to life in all his foxy coloured finery...

neither i nor foxy have a clue what he will eventually become, he may indeed always be just a dashing fox on an old worn napkin..

i like him


  1. Oh I love Mr Fox can I please put first dibs on him. Also I wanted to say what a wonderful thing you are doing with these animals. I love seeing your long lanky dogs romping through the fields. I had 2 lurchers for many many years and still I miss them and always will. Now though, we are on a whole new journey with rescue dogs in Italy, a Boxer Mummy and a undisclosed teenage boy dog. Remember with all the heartache comes the joy, after the rain comes the sun, be easy on yourself and give each wonderful waif and stray an extra hug x

  2. It is lovely :) Pick up and put down projects are great aren't they?


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