Tuesday, January 22

pigs in snow. not blankets...

the pigs are not impressed.
they are generally rather picky about weather conditions, hate the wind, hate the rain, hate the sun....
so the morning they woke to find their fields covered in snow they promptly sent a very firm message out 
(via a pigeon), to inform us that they would like two meals a day delivered on time to their beds, complete with buckets of warmish water and as many jam covered bagels as we could carry....
and that was that.
 however with the past five days being especially frantic and feed rounds being delayed we have been visited by a grump at the gate.
one roxi pig alone and shouting about the appalling service.
clearly sent out by butch to fetch his grub.

so imagine my surprise today when i saw both pigs taking an afternoon jaunt around in the sunshine...
mooching around, snuffling in the snow...
stopping for a snack that they were most surprised they did not have to shout for....

happy, happy pigs


  1. Love,love,love the pigs :)
    Great pics!

  2. Yes, pigs are among my favourites too...
    Lots of rooting around under the snow by the look of those snouts...

  3. Ah, lovely happy pics!

    So sorry the last few weeks have been particularly tough. I think that's how it goes in animal rescue, a real rollercoaster. I'm thinking of you.

    Diana x

  4. I'm with the pigs when it comes to snow - find a warm and cosy place and don't budge! Just mentioned you in a post and borrowed the pig picture - I hope that's ok but please let me know if not or if any details in the post need changing xxx

  5. "build it and they will come"
    We are coming and we WILL help. Sending love and hugs to you both for the loss of your precious goats :(


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