Friday, January 25

kind hearts

sometime last week, or it could even have been the week before, i spotted a tweet from a friend who was passing on a tweet from another..
a kind hearted yarn guru was asking if any charities could put all of her excess ends of yarn to any use..
i of course said yes indeed and popped my knitting thinking hat on even before the yarn arrived..

sadly my brain became exhausted with the filling up of animal woes, medication levels, feed budget planning and remembering how to do even the most simple of tasks...

in the meantime the yarn arrived and i knew i had to get a lickety spilt on so even though my worn out brain was fresh out of new ideas ..

i figured whilst my noggin is slowly repairing itself i would use the most generous yarn donation to knit up a batch of my wee hare egg cosy's ..

usually i use yarn from rare breed sheep so am limited in colours, but with this bag of odds and ends i suspect there will be quite a number of cheerful Spring hare's arriving soon..

the amazingly kind donation of yarn will not only raise funds for our animal rescue charity if they sell but seeing the little project on the table when i come in from the snowy fields is warming my heart immensely

thank you dear ruth for your kind yarny heart x


  1. Your rabbits are so endearing... What a lovely gift of the yarn!
    Val in Kansas

  2. Such adorable little egg cosies - will enhance any breakfast table. Brilliant way to use up odd bits of yarn.

  3. Oh T, this is heart warming indeed! As was Julie's blog post yesterday. I am wondering if you would like another knitter to knit some cosies for you? Happy to oblige! Feel free to email if yes!

    Otherwise, just sending big hugs, I know the days are tough right now, and I'm thinking of you.

    Diana x

  4. aww tracy what a fab idea,
    it always irritates me to see the left over yarn at the end of a project and theres never enough to make a second.
    and your hares sooo cute I love them.
    katie x

  5. Brilliant idea - and very good use for the left over yarn! Love the long ears on the rabbits too.
    P x


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