Saturday, February 9

its a rare thing indeed...

.... for both myself and my chap to be seen together outside of our farm...
as rare as hens teeth in fact

it only really occurs when there is some trusted soul who is around to keep a beady eye out for wayward dogs and there owners who just do not think to put leads on near fields of sheep..
and wanderers who feel it is o.k to just pop in to our garden and take pictures of our outbuildings..

but this morning we had a few rare hours to pop in to our marvelous little town together to purchase animal fodder which also meant a quick snoop in a few charity and bric a brac shops...

a fair few treasures came home with us today - pleasing as true treasures are becoming very hard to find 
they included these..

my love and mild obsession for Tams pottery continues..

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  1. Loverly to hear you both went out at the same time.....wish I had been there..I saw the same bowls in charity shop down here,will keep a look out for different pieces from now on.
    Love you. Mummy.xxxxxxxx


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