Tuesday, February 12

long-johns rams and a bare bum....

i have had a slight mishap today....

we had decided to bring the group of rams indoors for a week of t.l.c which involves foot trimming, worming, general check overs, extra nice treats such as digestives, extra hugs which they hate but i insist upon...
i was to undertake this task on my own as himself was at work
turns out being a lone worker today was for the best...

after much sweeping, shovelling and scrubbing of the lower barn i suddenly felt rather warm, so promptly popped inside to remove my highly unattractive but essential Yorkshire wear, the ever faithful long johns..
in my haste my knickers went with them
who cares i thought out loud to myself
i am a lone worker today
free to wear just jeans with no under crackers...
free to feel the breeze through fine denim on my nether region...

returning outside i was a very comfortable with my new arrangement and set about bringing those rams in...

this is when the mishap occurred..
i had fashioned a fence in the barn with a small gap through which i tempted the chaps..
they duly jostled through in order to get to the treats ..
i stood smugly thinking not only had the moving of the rams been simple as can be, but i had also managed it whilst going commando..
it was a good day..

then finlay..

yes this chap with the large curly horns...

decided in his wisdom to sneak back through the gap and managed in doing so to hook my jeans with said curly horn and hoick them down to my knees..
full bare backside now on show
totally naked from waist to wellie tops...
:: shocked, horrified, panicked ::
i was unsure if i should release the grip i had on finlay, pull up my trousers but therefore run the risk of having to chase him around the yard or just hold on for dear life and let those bum cheeks feel the full force of the Yorkshire breeze..

i chose the latter 
thank goodness i was on my own
thank goodness himself was not home to see my predicament which would have led to oh so much mockery..
i have indeed learnt two valuable lessons today which i will share with you ..
one is that you must never, ever, not ever let your long johns escape with your knickers
and two, always shave your legs ladies for you never know when they may unexpectedly be on show.


  1. Tee hee! You made me giggle so much at this!

  2. Oh I'm sorry Tracy, but so funny! Best cover up now though, more snow forecast for tomorrow...

  3. So funny, I just can't get the picture out of my head...thank you for cheering me up! Xxx

  4. Thank goodness there were no visitors with you today, what a mischevous boy that Finlay is! Funny though and I'm glad your embarrassment wasn't so great that you weren't able to share! Hope the rams enjoy their week of tlc and there are no more mishaps xxx

  5. I'm feeling so guilty! What kind of friend am I that I didn't teach you that lesson a year ago?

    I didn't learn from a ram,though...a hastily made decision to go for a bicycle ride in the big city rather than do laundry (and replenish my supply of clean undies)...

    I can't finish the story, it would give you nightmares,as I am sure it does for the nice police man who picked me up after my jeans caught on my bicycle seat!?!

    Thanks for the giggle!


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