Wednesday, March 27


this year we have been snowed in more times than i care to remember, it is proving to be the only downside of living deep within a forest with a long, bumpy track being the only way out...

the deep white covering is incredibly pretty and makes this place even more magical..
even the old derelict house down our track looks better especially with its stone porch roof wearing its snowy hat...

the hounds however are not feeling the magic...

they are full of complaints and miss the free running, it is just too risky to let them off leads with all the ice and snow covering so many holes in the fields...

the biggest worry of this long hard Winter is how it is affecting our livestock
this dear sweet ewe *kiss me kate* has been tucked up in our animal hospital for a few weeks now
all our barns are full and our feed bills are massive

please let  Winter be gone and Spring to arrive


  1. I have followed your blog for a while now, and felt I had to comment on the simply lovely photos of your hounds. All your photography is fantastio but the ones of your pooches capture each personality so well.

    I myself adore all things staffie after rescuing 3 of these adorable and misunderstood dogs. If only I could capture my current staffie Cassandra Batfink as well as you do your hounds.

    Your blog is such a treat to read -rural living, animals, crafts. Everything that's central in my own life but so beautifully expressed in your blog. x

  2. Winter feels like it will never end here too. Seeing pictures online of other peoples spring weather is starting to make me grumpy. But at least the sun is shining today, and the snow is melting. Warm weather cannot be far behind, right? I'm thinking a project with bright and pretty yarns is the tonic I need! I'm going to make some of these.

  3. Andy,
    your message has warmed my heart today and i thank you so so much x
    i have no idea where you live but if it was close i would pop along and photograph your doglet...
    i have a huge soft spot for staffies and agree that they are so misunderstood and often treated awfully :(
    both my sister and my cousin are owned by staffies and they are such happy souls.
    thank you again for making my day with your note
    t x


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