Sunday, March 24

11/52 and 12/52

hmmm... seems i can only just about manage to post hound portraits twice a month.. drat.

dearest hounds of mine, these last two weeks you have put up with yet more snow, freezing winds and much activity on the farm ...

miss talulla you have worried us by having two small sores on your foot that would just not heal but i am thankful that as i type this they do seem to be getting better...

a new thrifted chair arrived and has become the house favourite parking spot, all three cats have taken turns and now you merry band of hounds have decided to claim it....

when one gets off another jumps on and so it continues throughout the day... musical hounds x

"A portrait of my hounds, once a week, every week, in 2013."


  1. Musical hounds.:)
    How cute. Xx

  2. They know the best spots in the house! X


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