Friday, March 1

the changing light...

 slowly slowly the harshness of winter is leaving us and the delight of spring is just around the corner...

the sheep sense it coming, but still form an orderly queue in the march across the front garden to the field each morning in search of that fresh green spring grass...

and of course having sweet little ones around the farm again is surely the very best sign that we are through the worst of the weather and can now look forward to longer days and hopefully a little sun on all our backs...


  1. Oh, I love that last photo!!

  2. It just makes everything better , the spring, even if you are a sheep, bless their litle waggy tails, xx i do love your blog, i know you shouldn't have favourites ,,,...but :-) xx

  3. Now I already tried to leave a comment but not sure that it worked...soo... hur hum...Bless their little waggy tails,
    and that I love your blog and shouldn't have favourites, but...
    it went something like that :-)

  4. two comments from you my dear friend is indeed a treat but i do apologise if my blog tricked you in to it!

  5. What a lovely post♥ I especially love the photo of the daffs, it so reminds me of Spring. Awww I also loved the last photo. Autumn began for us on 1st March and winter begins on 1st June, roll on winter for us after a very long and hot summer. Sigh England in the Spring how absolutely beautiful. Did you receive my e-mail Tracy as it gave a little information about me etc. Have a wonderful weekend. Linda

  6. hello manchester lass :)
    sorry have not seen your email as i have a broken, hateful computer that is stopping me from seeing messages :(
    you can re-send to
    whereupon a friendlier computer should let me reply
    *fingers crossed*
    i am not good with computery things!
    t x


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