Monday, February 25

creatures for small fingers...

at the last craft fair i attended the sweetest small person chose one of my knitted hare egg cosies as a treat...
she promptly popped her hand inside it and a hare hand puppet was created!
the grown ups around her declared that there was very little chance of this particular cosy ever keeping an egg warm
i was delighted...
this chance creation got me thinking about small people and how they must see craft fairs..
tables of pretty things that they are told they must look at but not touch whilst fully grown folk are allowed to touch and admire all manner of things..
really and truly this is just not as it should be..

once upon a time when i was a shop keeper with shelves and cupboards full of all manner of pretty things , i also stocked a rather nice range of toys..
clearly they could not all be played with, poked, put in mouths etc so to overcome this i always had an area with lots of ever changing toys that could be enjoyed..
it was very popular, allowed grown ups to browse and made sure that everyone who visited my tiny shop left having had a super time...

i have been pondering what i can have on my stall that small folk can touch, play with and if pennies allow take home
i wanted something affordable, interactive and yarny..

this is what i have been making so far..

made using leftover yarn donated to us from this fab lady, a simple knitted tube that once adorned with eyes and ears become all manner of lovely creatures...
i hope they are enjoyed and sell well as all money raise will as always go straight back to our animal rescue missions :)

there also seems to be a small girl that is looking for a small finger to perch upon...
i am not sure that she will make it to the next craft fair as i do believe she will be tucked inside my bag this coming thursday whereupon she will find a very nice new friend to live with forever ...


  1. I think V is going to love her new friend very much. These will go down well methinks x

  2. Oh, these are so cute! I know they will be well received!
    Val in Kansas


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