Thursday, April 11

a swifter than swift bit of stitchery...

i am full of woe..
my stitching fingers are being used to do everything other than sewing and making at the moment..
i am grabbing any spare moment to feed my creative soul in order that it does not pack up its jaunty suitcase and leave me forever..

life here on our animal rescue farm is pretty miserable, we are coming out of a very long hard Winter which has been tough for our gang of sheep..
on top of this we have had the ups and downs of our rescue goats giving birth to some healthy and some not so healthy kids..

the farmhouse is in a state of chaos as we just eat and sleep around piles of washing, unfinished projects and cross hounds..

but it will settle, the sun will shine, the grass will grow...

and this stitcher will once more be content...


  1. Hang on in there lovely, I have heard tell that it may indeed get up to 20 degrees at the weekend! x

  2. Yes, the sun will shine and tomorrow is another day. It is so nice to get into crafting and i guess sometimes in life you get the chance and then at others you seem to have more time. Its all swings and round abouts though.

  3. I can't imagine. Spring just now made an appearance here in the eastern US and it's a darn good thing! I wasn't willing to wait even ten more minutes.

    Wish I could come for a cup of tea, a huge hug to you for all you do and of course, a 'skritch" behind the ears for each hound!

    You're so often in my thoughts!


  4. Oh No! please don't pack up creative soul, that would just be so sad indeed...hold on in there sheep and goats, soon the sun will come out and warm your soggy fleeces..i just know it :-)

  5. Hoping Spring will soon arrive and bring warmth to you and your animals. Lovely sewing, your creative soul can out the suitcase back in the attic.
    Carol xx

  6. This winter has seemed endless hasn't it, looking forward to the weekend when the temperatures are supposed to be in the teens. Hurray maybe the grass will start to grow.


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