Saturday, April 13

small pockets of tidiness..

i feel slightly overwhelmed with the chaos that is our home at the moment, life outside has taken over every hour that i am not laying in an exhausted smelly heap which has resulted in us living in a tip..

i want order amongst my lovely things, to be able to step in from being outside and to feel relaxed and not horrified at how we live..

so, this weekend i have set myself the task to create tidy areas, one at a time, in the hope that eventually they will all merge together ..

and whilst sorting and shuffling i am trying to be ruthless as to what we really need around us which is tough going for a hoarder but our house is small and my treasure collections are large...

i am also turning our tiniest bedroom in to my work room in the hope that i can contain my makers mess...

just walking in and seeing this area with my most loved china on makes my heart lift..


  1. Oh I have this battle permanently going on around here, the mess, the stress with the mess, and the hoarding tendency getting out of control along with my sewing taking over the house. I have less excuse than you as I haven't been busy with a harsh winter and animals. I try to keep hallways clear and my work inside the spare room/studio as that helps hugely. Good luck, I hope the sight of some sun and the hope of grass to help feed the sheep improves things. Beth/thelinencat x

  2. Is that the china you found on our wander the other sat? Looking nicer than it did in the charity shop.;)


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