Wednesday, May 1

{{ a blog a day in may }} day one

i feel that this blog is on its last legs..
weary, worn out, dull and gasping its very last breath..

i had come to a point where i feared i was rambling on to myself each time i did finally manage to pull a post out of the hat and was slowly turning in to that mad old person who spoke only about goats..

mad goat lady was the person i had become..

and then this lady appeared and may just have saved the day...
i had swooned over at her blog before admiring her thrifty finds and amazingly gorgeous red hair, and then spied a sparkly new challenge that she had set...

why yes i thought, i am a highly organised regular blogger {ahem} with a few interesting tales to tell and the fact that each and every day we are giving a topic to chat about makes it easy peasy - lets jump aboard ....

and so here we are..
day one

an introduction in five lines

{one} my name is tracy,  and i *am* a mad goat lady

{two} i run an animal rescue so spend a great deal of time sobbing hence mascara is only ever worn when i am set free for a jolly day out. the rest of the time i am bare faced and in wellies :)

{three} i have a fear of cotton wool. seriously.

{four} growing up i wanted to marry a potter. i am now forty, not married but have been with the same chap for twenty one years. he is not a potter but i am still steering him that way.

{five} i love thrifting, making curious things that are very often too curious to sell, watching really trashy t.v, kissing my whippets constantly and reminding them how beautiful they are, and remaining hopeful for a bright and happy future...

phew. first post done.  having peeped at others taking part in this adventure and seeing such short, snappy and interesting posts, i am not entirely sure if i was meant to ramble on quite as much...

anyhoo day one. done.


  1. Yay! I like your posts so one a day in May is going to be a treat. *no pressure* :D

  2. Your blog is very definitely not on its last legs. It's lovely and I love reading it. Looking forward to your posts in May :-)


  3. Wonderful post! Hooray for May :-)

  4. I adore you even if you are a mad old goat lady!!! Don't change! x

  5. I especially love number five! And I don't think you're too rambly at all... not that rambliness is even a bad thing... see you tomorrow for more BEDM!

  6. Just stopping by from the BEDM list! I'm glad that you have found something that might help you save your blog - sometimes all you need is the smallest spark of inspiration and all will be well once more!

    Good luck with the challenge, I'll be stopping by again :)


  7. Agree with SmallP.
    I enjoy all of your posts, especially the ones about the animals. I know your time is limited though, so looking forward to May!

  8. am so happy, just what i needed as my blogging mojo has packed its suitcase too ...will very much look forward to your a little late so just going to quickly right 5 lines now, with matchsticks holding eyes open zzzz xx

  9. Dull? You're kidding right? Your blog is adorable and I can definitely see it as a reflection of who you are and your style.

    I look forward to reading the rest of your #BEDM posts. :)

  10. I love your blog and have been reading quietly for years, don't go anywhere - please. I would love to see more photos of your not so new home, also stories of animals looking for homes if you are stuggling for ideas! ALong with all your crafty thrifty bits and pieces too of course xxBrenda


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