Thursday, May 2

{{ blog every day in may }} day two

Spring is here...

to be perfectly honest it has only just arrived here in Yorkshire and there is still the whiff of Winter around ..
only this morning we had a light frost so i am guessing it is still a little too early to plant out in the Potager...

i *say* Potager as it makes it sound beautiful and posh when in truth i have just dug blocks of my front garden up, and started weaving a willow fence that has already been destroyed by the sheep that insist on throwing themselves over the garden wall..

imagine how delighted they will be to find fresh lettuce growing...
i do believe i need to re-think the fencing....

so the Potager
 *said in my very best margot from the good life voice*
 is my plan, hopes and dream for this Spring, but the actual signs that Spring has arrived for me has to be when our rare breed sheep start giving us these beyond amazing tiny gifts...

and yesterday right on cue i spotted the first of the barn swallows returning home

yay Spring has now officially sprung but us Northern farmers will be keeping the thermal long-johns around for a few months yet :)


  1. I can see you will be forever shooing them beasties away from your 'Potager'...... Xx

  2. it is very nippy still at night... Potager plans happening here sheep hurling going on though :-) lovely post T all springy xx

  3. There will be a positive stampede of sheep when they discover yummy lettuces the other side of the fence :-)

    Those little lambs are so gorgeous. Can't think of a nicer way to discover that spring is on its way.

    SmallP xx


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