Saturday, May 4

{{ blog every day in May }} day four

five of the very best ...

tricky dicky quest today in this blog a day challenge as there are many blogs that i adore *but* if i have to choose just five, and i do believe that is the strictest of strict rule or else i would be rambling on for an age, i would choose these five on the basis that i love them so...

ted and agnes... my dearest chum who i laugh with a lot, chit chat with a great deal and am really rather fond of...also her house makes me weep each and every time i visit as it is just simply lovely in every way {especially a certain small lady and her moustache wearing doglet}

junkaholic... i have to confess that i have been a massive fan of this beautiful gal and her beautiful blog for the longest of time and now feel so very blessed to have a connection with her..
one day i will open my window and hopefully see this gorgeous family happily camping in my hay meadow :)

miss pickering... the shop, the hound, the amazing photography and this great girls way with words, and the fact that i roar loudly with full on belly laughter so often - one of the very best blogs around x

soulemama... this is the life growing up i fully expected to have, a home full of children and fields full of animals... sadly the children never came along and i have no doubt that it will always be a huge part of me that is missing..
this lovely soul is living the life of my childhood dreams... 

hettie brown... occasionally, only sometimes, in fact not very often at all, you come across another person who has a soul that seems to match yours perfectly...
a perfectly lovely fit that makes you very glad that blogs came in to your life...
this wonderful girl is my matching soul :)

and so we come to the end ...
do have a peek at all these lovely blogs and if you feel you would like to peek at more then i do have a very handy link list at the top of my own jolly blog..

spend time reading, sharing, smiling and being inspired by others x


  1. Hettie Brown is my crafting truelove too

  2. These blogs look gorgeous Tracy.They all have lovely piccies too.Lurve seeing peoples photo's.X

  3. Better get on with checking them out; more time spent on blogger! X

  4. And now I am going to cry...You are so lovely xx one day we shall meet and drink tea from tea cups ...thrifted ones of course...and talk about critters and caring for them and loving them and we will probably be very sad when its time for us to go home again xx thank you xx

  5. Hello I have just found your lovely blog through Sophie at hettie brown, I am going to enjoy sharing your love of animals
    Kind regards
    Thea x

  6. ~ all these beautiful blogs...Some even stopped me buying magazines...I could see all the eye candy I needed virtually!~ a big YIPPEE for blogland...~ I am popping the kettle on to stay a while with you here...Such a lovely place to be...~ with twinkles ****Maria x


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