Sunday, May 5

{{ blog every day in May }} day five

today's blog and healthy..
these are not the two words that i would say best describe me and my biscuit munching ways..

i am a vegan that either grazes throughout the day on not great snack food or i eat nothing all day as farm and rescue work takes over and there is simply no time to stop, and then late at night i fill my tum right up to the top on a carbohydrate heavy meal and have to be rolled up the stairs to bed..

i also drink next to nothing. its just not my thing. tea yes, water nope...

however i do get a great deal of exercise each and every day, to be frank sometimes too much, these rescue missions keep me on my toes..

i wish i was more toned, less wrinkled, without the dreaded chilblains that haunt me, and could find a vegan friendly rose and geranium moisturiser that actually worked, but other than that i guess i am doing o.k for a forty year old farmer who eats far too many sweets..

i have hopes that this summer i will be able to pick more of our own fruit and veg but i need to first build a fortress around the potager to keep out unwanted visiting sheep, and then find the time to actually take the seeds out of the packets...

as for toning up - that will come when i can get back to hacking through the forest on the back of a beautiful horse..

i know what i need to do - i just need to get on and do it!


  1. Such a great post! If you find a nice geranium moisturiser let me know - I love that smell :)

  2. Ooh, my sympathies are with you on the chilblain front, poor you! I'm sure you are very toned, with all they social work you do, and am not surprised yo have o time for anything else. Hope you can take it a little easier ...

    Enjoy your Bank Holiday

    Love Claire xxx

  3. I agree with Ruth - give us the info on that moisturizer - I love that scent too!

    I imagine that you are very fit from all the work/chores that are required daily. At the end of a hard day, I find carbohydrates such a comfort food - mmm a big bowl of pasta just makes me feel better :-)

  4. Oh me too - maybe 40 is the year to start doing it for us?!

  5. Ooh you are virtuous! You didn't mention wine on the list of things you drink ;-)



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