Tuesday, May 14

{{ blog every day in may }} day fourteen

i am popping in and popping back out pretty quickly today dear ones as my dearest and oldest ram *rodders* is once more under the weather and needs constant checking and reassurance...

today's topic is food which for me is a tricky one as i am no longer a foodie...

you see i have been vegetarian for almost my entire life and was most fortunate to fall in love with a chap that likes to cook...
for years i ate well, we lived near a fabulous greengrocer that supported local farmers, we had a huge and productive allotment and wonderful friends that we spent so many happy happy meals with...

then we moved to scotland
the back of beyond
end of the earth
home of no vegetables

and i became vegan to boot..

cooking was no longer as fun, our lives became busier with house building and the start of our charity, my weight dropped...

now i am fortunate to live near a good supermarket and a really good veggie chap is at the market every tuesday but still most evenings we fall through the back door, open the freezer and throw whatever falls out first in to the oven..

so i have become a bad, bad eater, grazer of crisps, frozen food muncher...


and on that note i will leave you with a picture of  my boy rodders in his younger days just after shearing..
if you could spare a little prayer for him tonight we would be most grateful x


  1. Oh poor poor Rodders.Hope he pulls through.He is an old boy bless him.
    We will have to hunt out a delicous vegan cafe.There must be one somewhere.x

  2. Oh poor Rodders, such a handsome chap. Hope he pulls through. Xxx

  3. Oh T, thinking of you and lovely Rodders, gather ye strength.

    So enjoying your daily posts!

    Love and woofs xxx

  4. warm heart felt thoughts and hopes for Rodders x He couldn't be in safer hands though I'm sure. x

  5. ok i am reading posts backwards and now i fear it was rodders that caused your loss! oh boy, i am so sorry if that's the case xxx


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