Monday, May 13

{{ blog every day in may }} day thirteen

just how green am i?

if truth be told my eco warrior badge has slipped ..
it has become rusty around the edges...
there was a time not that long ago when i lived in an eco friendly house that my chap and i built..
our dream home by the sea..
we lived a simply, frugal life and i was at my most *green*

turns out that living by the sea was not for me...

above my head now is a roof that is attached to a somewhat damp, mouldy, tiny farmhouse that at first glance does not have a whole lot going for it other than the location it nestles within...

i have plans to change this, not grand plans as this home is not our own,
we are tenant farmers, passing through as caretakers of the land
and feeling blessed beyond words to be so...
 we are in the process of registering the land as organic which will be wonderful and will offer it protection even if we have to leave..
there is so much wildlife out there that needs our support and protection...

part of my * make a mouldy pit in to a home* challenge is to gradually go back to my greener than green ways
lots to think about and more effort must be made despite life being busy, truthfully there are no excuses for not recycling and throwing away food..

we are lucky as every scrap of food here is consumed by someone, us, the chucks and the pigs all ensure that waste is not an issue..
heating choice is not as easy although this year we dream of putting in our wood fired rayburn, we just need spare funds to make it happen...

in my stitching time i have always used rescued and recycled fabrics and now when pennies for craft material is set at zero i am rummaging through all my tinest of scraps, appreciating all that i have and trying to make it in to curious creations that will make folk smile ..
of course it helps that i have certain friends that gives me the most amazing treasures of fabric and lace.. they inspire me and make me feel blessed beyond words ...

in my head i am as green as green can be, i just need to push myself to do that little bit more and i hope you will do the same for we have a great deal to lose if we do not..


  1. I need to see more of this dress!!!!

  2. isn't she a beauty!!!
    i am over the moon, totally smitten and very chuffed with her..
    i parted with such a tiny amount of money for her considering how incredibly well made she is, she fits like a glove :)
    the maker has been dressmaking for years and years but has never been able to get her work noticed and i think she had become very down about it all :(
    i gave her my £20 along with a huge hug and i hope to see her again soon..
    will take a full pic of it for you to see :) x

  3. The dress is gorgeous!

    I love your green ethos, and try to be as green as possible too ... I hate that on 'big shop' day, people throw away the contents of their fridges and cupboards to make room for more food that will be thrown away next week. It's an insult to people who count every penny through necessity. Grrrr, rant over ...

    Loving your regular blogs!

    Claire xx

    1. i could not agree with you more - food waste is a big no no for me - buy less people for goodness sake!

  4. The dress - need to see the dress! Completely fabbie right shoulder!

    Eleanor x

  5. You are amazing and so inspiring.

  6. ok love everything! so wanna keep reading your may posts but so gotta get up and gets kids ready f or school! have a beautiful day lovely lady, i am starting my day with your story in my head and that's rather wonderful xxxx


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