Tuesday, May 7

{{ blog every day in may }} day seven

when we were shown the list of topics for the blog every day in may challenge there were a few that i thought oh lordy, oh my, how the devil....

today is one of those..

the plan is to chat about your pets, those that are with us or even those that have left our sides but remain in our hearts..

clearly if i started thinking of all that have shared our life i would be here all week rambling on and on and on and quite frankly that would finish both me and no doubt all of you off...

so in order to prevent us all falling off our chairs with utter boredom as i shout from the rooftops about how blinking marvellous and great all my animal sidekicks are i thought i would do a quickety quick picture and short description round up of some...

the hounds...

clearly whippets are the only dog for me, they are lazy, can run fast from danger, barely leave a hair on your furniture, come in from the rain and are dry in seconds and feel like velvet to the touch... whats not to love right?

the house cats...

archibald, bella boo and twigs, all living indoors as they are terrified of everything outside but this summer i am working on building their confidence...

the sheep..

a mix of our rare breed native sheep that are part of our ongoing conservation work and those that we have rescued from truly appalling heartbreaking conditions, and those that have just joined us in their own merry way { looking at you naughty shetlands }...

the goats...

i have no idea where to begin in describing our journey with these so will leave you to browse back through my past posts if you would like to read of the tale of the goat rescue mission ...


oh how i adore these two, mama and son saved from a horrid end and now happily living out there days with us ..

the pigs...

butch and roxi the mini pigs that just grew and grew... loved beyond measure by their previous slaves owners and even had a book published all about them.. now that they are a considerable size and certainly far from mini they live here with us eating anything and everything as long as it is covered in jam...


dillon and woody, my boys... woody the plod along happy soul and dillon his trusty side kick who believes he can take over the world despite his considerable shortness..

rescue horses...

there are no words to describe the horrific start these two had, saved by the RSPCA and currently fostered by us with plans that they will one day be fully adopted and become mine all mine!
we work closely with the RSPCA and have further equine rescues in the pipeline..


a collection of marsh daisy chickens that we keep as they are a very rare breed that needs a little help or they will be gone from our land forever... do consider them if you have hopes of becoming a chicken owner, they are so so pretty :)
and our always increasing group of hens that we rescue, you can read about last years band of lucky hens here.. now all fully feathered and laying more eggs than we know what to do with!


i begged my partner for ducks, in fact i may have nagged and moaned a little too..
thankfully a group needed rescuing when we lived in scotland and i drove as fast as my little car would go and came home with them.... the car carried the odour of duck for many, many months...

and i *think* that is everyone
but who knows what will need rescuing tomorrow..

** footynote**
* i would like to pin a medal on to each and every one of you that made it to the end of this ramble *


  1. Blimey what a great post.I must come up and see them all sooooon.:)

  2. Yay animals! :) I have two Italian greyhound and they always get mistaken for whippets. I had to read on before realizing that yours were whippets and not greyhounds. :) They sounds so similar though. Best kind of dogs!

    1. i would love an italian greyhound one day - so incredibly beautiful.. you are very lucky :)

  3. I loved every minute of it... they are all totally gorgeous xx

  4. It was pretty easy to read to the end of the post: you live my dream! I'd love to have such a large collection of animals. How utterly wonderful you are to have given a home to so many creatures in need.

  5. Medal please! Only kidding....I LOVE these posts, love seeing all the animals, and so inspired by what you do.
    D x

    1. hello dearest d xxx
      hoping all is well with you, i so miss news from you and walter...
      i think that you may very well deserve more than just a medal as you have been reading my ongoing rambling for years!
      hugs to you my friend
      t x

  6. Oh, I love your brood of animals. They are all beautiful as is the work that you do.

    1. thank you so much elizabeth, your words mean a lot x

  7. Fabulous animals and one day I would love to have somewhere large enough for chickens :) Strange question now but did you used to blog under another name when you were up in Scotland? Might be confusing you with someone else though...

    1. i had a blog long before this one that i started when i opened my village shop. when the shop closed i did not want to carry on using the name so opened a new one :) x

    2. I must b confusing you with someone else then! They blogged about an animal charity and were called Tracy so that's obviously where I've got confused!

    3. it was probably me - was the blog called cupcakes at home? i think i started charity when i had that blog - so long ago its hard to remember!!

  8. Wow, how lovely to meet all your gorgeous animals. Definitely not a hard post to read at all :-)


  9. That's it!!! It was you then :) Not that I'm stalkerish or anything - honest!

    1. yay to the fact that you found me again despite my name change :) x

  10. I want this many pets!!! Adore your hounds (obvs) but all the others look darling too!


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