Friday, May 17

{{ blog every day in may }} day sixteen

i am writing day 16 of this post challenge on day 17..
day 16 was a day of loss which left me hysterical and broken..
excuse the swearing but it was truly a fucking terrible day..
i am not much better today but a rescue centre full of hungry happy faces means i have to get up and just get on with things..
thank goodness for them as my heart and head is telling me to crawl away in to a dark place and just stay there..

anyhoo, the challenge of day 16, now to always be known as the day i completely lost it, was on pampering..


*picks self off of floor*

it was obviously meant to be the day i missed as i have no time or money to pamper myself as my animals need all the pampering :)
it is a tiny miracle if my hair gets brushed everyday, teeth yes, hair no..
it just gets braided or plonked on top of my head ..

however i have had a treat from a beautiful friend..
for many many years i have been searching for a really good face cream that is suitable for vegans..
i like a light, quickly absorbed floral based cream but have had no luck in finding *the one*
back in the day, pre animal charity when i had more pennies in my pocket i searched quite extensively but never found anything great, and now pennies are non existent for treats i cannot browse and test..
i refuse to just pop anything on my skin because of lack of cash, i will not be driven to cheap products that are full of harsh chemicals that have been tested on animals - i would rather go without...
but this cream, made even nicer as someone thought of me, is THE ONE..

and look how well my pal knows me - she picked the perfect tin :)
i truly am so so thankful to have the friends i do

if you are like me and need a tippity top moisturiser than hop on over to this amazing companies website and take a gander..
i love the concept - one product but always different :)

here's the link

don't say i never give you anything...

onwards with the day :)


  1. That cream looks a great idea. Glad you are feeling a little better today.x

  2. Hello from your reader in Zurich. I am so sorry that yesterday was a horrible day for you. My heart goes out to you and I hope that today is a better day. And tomorrow.

    Thank you for staying with this project and writing today - I'm sure you didn't feel like it. Your blog is so interesting to me, I like the way you write.

    God bless you for all you do with these precious animals.

  3. Tracy, I hardly dare ask if it's lovely Rodders. Pick yourself up, and remember that each and every animal who passes your threshold knows that it's loved, and you can't put a price on that. You do your best, and that's all you can do. Go gently today (smothered in steam cream!).

    Me and my boy think of you often.


    1. hello lovely you x
      dear old rodders is still with us and his smiley chops are in my second blog post today :)
      t x

    2. I was worried it was rodders too - so happy to see him in today's post :-)

  4. So sorry to hear that you had a terrible day yesterday. Hopefully today has a little more cheer in it.


  5. hugs for the terrible and oooos for the tin x


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