Friday, May 17

{{ blog every day in may }} day seventeen

on {{ the blog every day in may }} challenge we have been asked today to note our walk to work..
mine is short but rather lovely..

i step outside the kitchen door and am always mobbed greeted by the hens..

it is but a few steps to the barn where the first of my chores begins..

come rain or shine i admire the view and take a few seconds to feel truly thankful..
today i stopped and pondered as to why there was only the one duck in the yard... billy no mates?

hay located and loaded in to wheelbarrow whilst being watched by beady eyed hen...

first to be fed are the mama's and babes in the nursery...
a visual check that all is well...

onwards and this morning i was greeted by this dear old chap..
wonderful, wonderful rodders who has been feeling decidedly under the weather of late..
the last few mornings i have missed his company and gentle nudging on the back of my legs to remind me that i owe him his daily digestive...
good to have you back old boy...

hay loaded its off down the currently muddy track to the lower barn..

where the goats live....

if time allows at this point in the year i collect fleece from walls, grass and reeds..
at the moment i am mainly picking up the fleece from this wee girl..
all our native breed sheep self shed to varying degrees - this girl has started early and is making a grand job of it..
clearly she does not want the indignity of being sheared...

a quick wash of the wellies in the stream as i head back to the main barn to reload barrow with hard feed and water buckets...

pop my collection of fleece and newly found roundy stone in to the house..
my home contains lots of mossy twigs, antlers, unusual stones, lichen covered slate and all manner of things that i drag in ...

and back out i go...
my walk to work is repeated many, many times throughout the day...
a well worn track...


  1. Now that makes me very jealous! Much rather be there than sitting next to grumpy commuters on a train!! Mind you rush hour trains are great for people watching :-)


  2. oh, i would just lovelovelove to live and work on a farm. when i was little all i ever wanted was to live on a farm and drive a tractor.

    i would still love to live on a farm. or at least near one and maybe volunteer for them at weekends/evenings when i'm not working.

  3. A lovely walk indeed! So happy to see Rodders!!


  4. What a lovely view -- I'm hoping that your Rodders feels better every day. Thank you for sharing your day with us.

  5. Lovely walk to work! And great to see Rodders looking chirpy again. Jx

  6. i love it and am rather envious x


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