Thursday, May 30

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who inspires me?
who do i gaze at in wonderment?
who makes me strive to be a better person?

i honestly believe that i am surrounded by folk that inspire me daily on so many different levels, so it is hard to put in to words who and why this is..

however the biggest inspiration and shapers of my very heart and soul are my grandparents, olive and harry..

they were the constant in my restless childhood, the safety that i clung to, the two people who seemed to fill me to the very brim with love and a sense of who i was and who i could become..
i wonder so often what they would say to me now as i stand at this part of my life peeking in to the unknown, what words of encouragement they would give..

they are gone, but i still listen every day in the hope that i can hear them whisper wise words to me, feel the gentle nudge as they push me forward to face challenges...
i hope they are nearby...


  1. I really love this - and love that your blog is named for them.

  2. Tinges of jealousy.... not in a horrible sense but I so wish I had someone in my family that i felt connected to and that was always there in my childhood. But, the man and friends new and old help very much. Connections with the past are wonderful and inspiring, your blog brings lots of joy and giggles to many, lovely x

  3. ok choked up now as brought memories flooding back of my dad, my inspiration! he also my rock, i still hear his voice on certain days x


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