Friday, May 31

{{ blog every day in may }} day thirtyone

toot toot

here we are..
we have made it!

i have rambled on and on for an entire month and you dear readers have been by my side..
thank you to those that came back day after day and left such wonderful comments, who never once complained if i bored you to tears or repeated myself like a chatty fool...

i have loved it and have not found it the chore that i thought i would ..
at the start i enjoyed the challenge of being told what to write about but i admit that this became trickier as the month progressed, i found myself wanting to break free ..

and now?

well i do believe it has made me a better blogger, i have found my voice once more and i want to keep going..
i will not lie, before this challenge the visitor numbers to this blog were poor and whilst they have increased this month it is not by a lot, but i now realise this is not why i blog..

i love writing, i love jotting down thoughts, rants and stories and it does not matter if there is not a crowd of ears listening..
but by golly i am most grateful to those of you that are there as it does make me feel less of a crazy lady knowing that i am not talking completely to myself and my mum.. {{ hi mama! x }}

i of course worry that the posts contain waaaayyyy too many pictures of animals and not enough lifestyle shots that everyone seems to love, but my days are full of animals and there quirky ways which means that my home is very rarely lifestyle ready ::ahem::

 the woodster and his enormous fringe... xxx

today being no exception on the animal picture front... an early evening stroll checking wall boundaries and stopping for a chat with dillon and woody :)

i am hoping with the warmer weather and the exciting arrival of not one but two donated greenhouses and a poly tunnel {{ giddy with our good fortune }}that i will be able to record a growing season..
if we manage to erect the the three that is...

i also hope to be braver about what i make and create, lots of what i do never sees the world outside of my tiny studio, lack of confidence and that age old worry of being too influenced by other artists...

with all that said and done i am away to celebrate with a cuppa and a homemade biscuit that i have covered in a huge pile of chocolate fudge topping..
a reward for a months rambling on...

see you in june :) xx


  1. Well done Tracy, I've enjoyed it.
    And keep the animal pictures coming please.. Jx

  2. This month has flown past reading your blog every night - what a treat. Can never be enough animal photos - have missed the hounds a little???? They always have their souls in their eyes and speak directly to you. Why I love staffies - they too can mind merge :)

    Andy x

    1. fear not andy... big hound update coming next :) xx

    2. The hounds are back - so delicate and delightful. No matter how busy my day is I have to find time to read your blog.

      Andy x

  3. Well done! I love reading your blog and your writings and photos often make me smile so thank you. Xxx

  4. I have enjoyed every single post:) I look forward to you writing lots more. I wish I could see more of your studio and beautiful makes. Regards Karan xx

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed the month-long postings in May. It makes me smile to read that you have benefited from this undertaking too - that it helped you find your voice. Keep on speaking to us, I want to hear more!

    And there can never be too many animal photos. My dear doggy, Lucky (a beloved mutt) just passed away one week ago - I am so happy to have LOTS of photos of him (a wealth really), but ... honestly wish I had more.

    Enjoy your treat and I look forward to what comes in June.

  6. oh susan i am truly sorry to hear of your loss..
    these doglets of ours mean so very much - i am sending you an extra hug today x

    1. thanks!!! He was a special boy (and rescued, in the U.S. - from Chicago :-)

  7. Hello I am one of the people who has discovered you through the blog every ay in may project. I am not an animal lover, but you seem to have an interesting selection and I don't think you have too many snaps of them! My house is never lifestyle-shot ready and finding places to take pics can be really tricky. Show us some more of your work - I am sure people will love it, and blog about the things you love and we will be glad to read it.

    Your house and land are beautiful!

    Eleanor xx

  8. well i found you in may and i am thrilled i did! here's to more pictures of anything you wanna post including the animals oh and got to say i so thought at first glance you had a lion in the 3rd shot down! how could you post every day for a month and not mention the lion?! xxxx

    1. ha ha ha.. i am sure if a lion walked past the window we would not bat an eyelid.. we see most things here!

  9. Have loved it! (Though sure I already commented that but its disappeared)! X

  10. Pah, who needs lifestyle shots when you can have loads of lovely animal photos and photos of the beautiful place you live ;-)I shall look forward to seeing more of your crafty activites.


  11. Wonderful congratulations!!! and, I can so relate to your thoughts about blogging. In the end, I straggle on because of me. It's almost like keeping a growth journal or a thankfulness journal. Then, there's the perk of those friends who keep popping up here and there - the most tremendous penpals!! =) But, boy oh boy, our lifestyle is beautiful but splotchy on the photographic front! ;)

    And my visits to you are spotty, too, but I keep coming back because, Tx ;), I love your voice! =)

    Best wishes to you and the gang!! =)

    Katy xo

    1. hello hello lovely you - so nice to have you here again xxx
      hope all is well in your part of the world :)


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