Tuesday, May 21

{{ blog every day in may }} day twentyone

when i was growing up i wanted to be a air hostess which is odd as i do not enjoy travelling..

i also went through a spell of really thinking i was going to be a hairdresser, travel agent (again what the dickens was i thinking!), aromatherapist, mama to many.........

 after all that dreaming, pondering, exam taking, and general arseing around i am now doing the job i know i was meant to do...

i pricked up both ears and listened really hard for my calling in life..
i was always going to work with animals i just had to jump through all the other hoops to get here..
sadly it is unpaid work but we cannot have everything in life!

i am still gobsmacked most days to find where we have ended up and how we travelled from one end of the country to the other, quite literally, like restless nomads until we ended up here, somewhere in the middle, happy as happy can be :)

so if you are reading this and currently do not have hold of your dream job just yet, fear ye not, keep plodding on, wishing and dreaming..
because really, truly
life is just a series of brightly coloured hoops...


  1. Aw some really cute pictures.xx

  2. What a lovely post. Just making mental note to self to kick self up bum and look for more perfect job!



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