Monday, May 20

{{ blog every day in may }} day twenty

i watch very little television preferring to catch up with trash t.v and box sets online, the ability to pause and rush out of the room for an animal emergency and come back having not missed the end of a good programme is vital..

in the day i generally have total silence when i am in the house so that with the windows open i can hear what dastardly crimes the animals outside are committing, and if i do have the radio on it will be radio four or five live. i am not a huge music fan, i have odd and varied tastes and only really have music on when i need it loud so i can dance like a carefree fool :)

so today's challenge of discussing something in the news is indeed a challenge as i have no idea what is going on outside of my forest dwelling..
i had a quick look on BBC news online and quite frankly wish i had not.. bombing, death,  some fool ranting against gay marriage, child abuse and a whole host of other nasties..
i will never look again..
i like the bubble i live within and whilst some may say this is a foolish way to live for me it is the only way..
i have a whole heap of grief inside at the moment churning around making it impossible for me to think of anything other than my survival, my family, friends and animals happiness and well being..
right at this moment i just cannot worry about anything else - i have no room..
so i think i shall remain right where i am
inside my forest
getting by one day at a time and thanking and celebrating all that is good and burying the bad deep down inside to deal with at another time..

this is my feel good news today..

happy sunbathing lamb

i am thankful x


  1. Right back atcha there - I hardly ever listen to/read the news, it's so flamin depressing that it makes me wonder why I bother. Bubbles are a good place to be in. I'm staying in mine!!!

  2. You sound as if your really going through the mill. I feel so sad that you are doing such a worthwhile job but carrying all this within your heart. I really hope you have someone to put their arms around you and surround you with the love you deserve. I know you have a dear other half and I am sure he is doing his utmost for you, you sound as if you need a healing hug, I send you one! Keep the news switched off you have no room in your life for it. Regards Karan ps I think you are quite amazing to still be doing a blog a day while feeling like this, I hope it helps a little...

  3. I couldn't agree with you more, I very rarely read/watch the news these days as all it does it fill me with gloom and make me anxious. I much prefer living in a bubble and enjoying all the lovely things within it that make me happy. x

  4. Can I come and live in your neck of the woods, life gets soo complicated at times. Yours seems a good option, just you, your soul mate and the animals. Sigh!
    Patricia Brambley

  5. I think you are so lucky to have that bubble (my mother in law never watches or llistens to the news and never reads a newspaper either) sometimes I wish I had a bubble!
    Love the lamb, thank you. Xxx

  6. oh T you always make me want to wrap you up in a great big patchwork quilt ..I'm sorry that you are sad deep down take care xx

    1. wrapped up in a patchy with a great big mug of tea sounds perfect xx
      i think i am still coming out of the gloom of the worst ever winter and lambing for our precious animals, so much loss and sorrow..
      i have to bury it all deep down as i just cannot let it take me over as i am generally a happy soul :)
      i have a great deal to be thankful for and your friendship is on that list xxx

  7. p.s i don't watch the news either x

  8. Yes, I can understand - wasn't it Betjeman who said that if you lived without knowing what was going on in the world, it wouldn't matter because you would be far happier...

  9. oh yes i get this, i never watch the news any more, since ive had kids its like it gets right in and wont go! i cant bear those images getting in! sorry you are feeling sad and have grief to deal with, your good news picture brightened my day xxx


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