Sunday, May 26

{{ blog every day in may }} day twentysix

tucked deep inside the woodland is a small clearing that is surrounded by many, many tiny animal abodes which keep the gentle creature's inside safe and warm
each day and night they go about there creature chores all the while keeping the small woodland clearing just dandy..
for the creatures know that it is the ideal spot for a gathering of the most wonderful folk that will spend a night laughing, eating, dancing, singing and finally sleeping under the stars...

today's challenge is to write about my ideal dinner party and the people and events that would take place..

the venue is easy as my love of this woodland i live within knows no bounds..

i would not need to invite anyone as all those that are close to me and are fellow gentle souls would already be there, the food would be laid out and would include everyones most favourite dish..

the music would be provided by a beautiful  girl and her accordion, and the sounds would echo around the trees as we danced under the moon....

it would be a wonderful time full of friendship and magic...

and once all the laughter was over the clearing would be returned back to the quiet woodland ..
softly, as if nobody had ever been there...


  1. Simply lovely - even without the photos above, I can picture this in my mind's eye and it makes me happy to think of it -- your paint a picture with your words.

    Hang in there - you are almost finished!! May will be over soon :-) I am enjoying these posts.

  2. please i wanna come as well..please! xxxx

    1. yup.. you seem like the perfect person to dance under the stars - see you there :) x


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