Saturday, May 25

{{ blog every day in may }} day twentyfive

jeepers blooming creepers another post that falls outside of my comfort blogging zone..
i have to share with you, if there is anyone still here after twenty five long days of my rambling, my top fine music albums...
trouble is i am just not a huge fan of music as i have said before, an occasional VERY loud blast and much dancing or complete and utter silence - nowt in between, so i think i will turn today's challenge around a little and add five you tube links to music that has in someway touched my heart and made me smile and stayed with me..
some are from years ago, and some have crept in to my life very recently..
they are all loved


  1. I'm still reading :-)

    I think using you tube clips adds a more modern "twist" to this post suggestion!

    I look forward to listening to these when it's not late (I like to listen to music loud myself, and here in an apartment house I need to be careful!) so I'll give a listen tomorrow.

  2. bless you Susan for hanging on in there!
    it may just be you and me :) xx

  3. i'm still here :-) although as quiet as a mouse at times xx
    i think you deserve a medal..i might knit you one xx


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