Thursday, May 23

{{ blog every day in may }} day twentythree

i am struggling this week to feel inspired by the topics that have been set out, it is not because they are in any way anything less than a marvellous idea, i just think i am a bit pooped and honestly do not have the brain power to come up with a read worthy post..
sorry ..

today i am asked to write about the biggest compliment that i have been given..
i have been pondering this for a few days and can honestly not think of anything other than the kind words folk say about the animal charity we run and occasionally about the curious things i make..

its a funny old thing to think about really as i am always a little embarrassed to admit to the things i make, i am not a person who likes to be in the limelight..
i know this has to change as my shyness has led to our charity missing out on a few good publicity opportunity's..
i need to put my braver than brave hat on and have a little more confidence in myself, shake off the wallflower badge and march on!

and as i have zippo idea what picture could possibly go with today's ramblings but would hate to have two days in a row with no eye candy, i shall leave you with a few images of some of my latest makes and hope that tomorrows blog post offering will be a little more thrilling :)


  1. I think most people find it hard to take compliments, but I truly believe your makes are wonderful! Xxx

    1. thank you sweet lyn, your comment has made my heart very happy this evening xxx

  2. Compliments to you on the beautuful things you make and compliments to you Tracy.looking fwd to seeing you sat.xx

    1. yay for saturday.. yikes for lack of stock :)
      see you there smiley friend of mine xxx

  3. yep i second that, your life is full of awesome x

    1. lovely lady you have made my day!!
      waking up to all your shiny happy comments scattered around has left me with a skip in my step - you are super :)
      thank you. truly xxx

  4. Love your stuff, but you know that already x


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