Friday, May 24

{{ blog every day in may }} day twentyfour

well what do you know, another challenge that i really am a little stuck on..
*what's in your fridge*
the problem i have is that i have no fridge..
freezer yes. fridge no...

when we moved in to this stone farmhouse we arrived with less than half our belongings, its a long story, and one of the items we left behind was our fridge..
we do however have the most marvellous pantry..
i know how blooming lucky am i?
it has a huge slate slab that originally was used as the blood letting table..
 once an animal was slaughtered it was butchered upon said slab and the handy holes allowed for easy drainage..
super bit of history for a vegan - yikes!
i try not to think of my pantry's past but more about the sheer beauty and handiness of it now..
it certainly is cool enough all year to keep the small amount of fridge type items we buy fresh for long enough and i can honestly say that in the two years we have been without a fridge i have not missed it at all..

so not only do i have a gorgeous pantry albeit with a somewhat shady past, i am also doing my little bit in saving our precious planet..

win win :)


  1. It would never occur to me to try to survive without a fridge! But then, living in a semi-detached 1960s house doesn't really lend itself to coping without one. Bravo to you though!


  2. How interesting. We do have a fridge but because the house is so cold it doesn't always come on - I can leave things out to defrost for days!!!


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