Monday, June 3

a chair crime of the utmost kind..

a ghastly crime has been committed in this house..
upon my arrival downstairs this very morn i spied dog wee up my very favourite rescued chair...

yes. this one. can you believe it?

badger said george did it
george said badger did it

i think they *both* did it...

after a severe telling off and a spectacular tantrum from yours truly which included door slamming and a five minute major sulk in the bathroom, i spent the next few hours refusing to talk, nay even look at the two criminals...

once i had calmed down, used my nifty carpet cleaner  to scrub the chair and seen to all other doglets the guilt started to creep in..
i knew it would for it is a well known fact that you just cannot remain cross with a whippet for more than 2hrs 28 minutes 12 seconds..

so with that in mind i decided to forgive and forget and take the two newly forgiven boys down to the far field which they find most thrilling as it is where the wild things live...
so many smells, so many things to wee up, pure joy for small boys...

little did i know that badger was busily hatching a plan of revenge for my earlier screaming doolally fit...

firstly he ran off at great speed, in fact faster than i have seen him run before..
this should have been my first clue that he was hatching a dastardly deed..

he returned a short time later again at top speed with his tail aloft and a long leg hanging from his jaws...
clearly he was hoping that the sight of his found highly prized treasure would send me in to a spin of horror and shock...


living in a forest with wild things has made me very hardened to the sights of leftovers from the wild things dinner times...

upon seeing my unflustered demeanour badger promptly trotted over to the gate, dropped the leg carefully as he was obviously hoping to collect it on his way home.. {{no chance sonny }}

he then took off like a rocket once more...

by this time poor old george had circled the field a good few times and was back at my side cream crackered so i sent up the homeward bound whistle and started to head back via a different gate..
one without a leg for decoration..

just as we were nearing home a badger shaped blur whizzed past leaving behind the most awful aroma of death and decay...

oh my oh my how sweet revenge is..

one reeking badger grinning from ear to ear at his very finest act of revenge..

little did he know i would have the last laugh..
i would win this battle..

for it is bath time....


  1. Naughty doggies. Our Megan got out into the garden on Saturday = our eldest chicken is no longer with us. Bad, bad, bad doggy.

  2. :( i am not sure even i could forgive that crime...

  3. fab story - made me giggle. Eleanor xx

  4. I love this story about your doggies. A shame for the chair -- glad for the help of the carpet cleaner so you could restore it to it's former glory. Dogs are amazing creatures, such personality. I miss my old boy so much and find this tale very soothing. thanks.

  5. Oh badger and george how could you xx

  6. Ooops.. hope he enjoyed the bath :(

    1. he most certainly did not - sulked about it for ages and i had to put a coat on him at bedtime!

  7. HA!!!

    (and that's all I have to say!)


  8. I am so thrilled to know it is not just my dog that carries out these sort of misdemeanours.


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