Thursday, June 27

all shiny and new...

my days are pretty similar ..

get up
feed, water many many mouths
clean many, many beds
and repeat..

so i am finding it a little tricky to think of things to write about but this week we have had a surprising late arrival..

meet Bernard Bear
surprising and secret son of Alice Bear

naughty..... but oh such a blooming delight!

totally smitten of course...

also new and appearing slowly stitch by stitch, stolen moments here and there are some stitcheries...

and whilst a skirt has never and dare i say probably will never appear, a frock has...

made on a day spent with my darling pal where i was supposed to be her helper but managed to have a dressmaking lesson instead - how lucky am i ...
seriously though if you are interested in adding handmade to your wardrobe and can escape for a day stitching then do book yourself on one of Rachelle's workshop's...
you get an amazing lunch and get to take home a made to fit you perfectly pattern so that you can create as many outfits as you like :)

unfortunately due to the fact that i am a fidget pants and rushed the final part of placing pockets so that i could run outside and play in the new caravan, when i tried the frock on for size the pockets were more than a tad on the wonk so i have unpicked them and they are now waiting to be re-stitched before i swan about in my new farm frock and fill the handy pockets with foodie treats for one and all and small critters....

sadly Bernard is already too big to stash in my frock pocket whereupon i could stroke and cuddle him all day long..

Bernard says thank goodness for that...


  1. oh bernard is so cute! ^.^
    i also love the 'be kind be gentle' deer stitch. that's so cute!

  2. Not to worry about searching for post ideas. Pictures of hounds are always a welcome sight...that never gets old.

  3. Now hang on a mo, this dress is much better than mine! Can't wait to come up and make one!!!

    1. hahahah... its all in the teaching - you best get booked on a course pronto if you want the very best outfits :) x

    2. Hoping to come and try out the patterns for Rs new book so fingers crossed...!

  4. Oh Bernard is gorgeous. Love your new stitchery and dress.
    Carol xx

  5. Beautiful dress :) I'm looking forward to coming up in July for the granny slip course :)

    1. hurrah... this very pattern is what you will make :) x

  6. Welcome Bernard, you are lucky to be born in such a loving place. Xxx


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