Tuesday, June 25

meet the goats....

today as i trundled my way through the never ending task of keeping our goats clean and tidy i thought i would take a snap of some of the mama's and introduce you :)

mama to twin girls layla and jessie 

mama to one baby girl and the biter amongst the herd so far she has got me on my backside and top of my head...

mama to hansel and miss gretel :)

mama to twin boys ..

mama to dumpling the kid that for months i thought was a girl as just so so pretty.. then i spotted a huge pair of doo dahs from the kitchen window whilst washing up - turns out dumpling is a boy!

for those that do not know the story of how and why the goats came to be you can read about them here ...

since they have arrived, given birth, eaten us out of house and home, escaped, chewed rungs off ladders, the wish for this group of misfits is to have a dedicated field with VERY HIGH fencing and a goat shed of there very own..
obviously this costs money. lots of money. our small but jolly important charity has been desperately trying to raise funds through our one thousand club which you can read about here..
sadly with the hard winter every last penny and then some has been used just on feed and bedding so we are right at the start of our epic climb to seeing these goats out and about where they should be..

to be honest we were totally out of ideas and just decided to give our *go fund me* page another airing and by golly are we glad we did!
with the help of facebook friends {{ huge hug to darling kerry }} we managed to raise a good sum of money  in half a day!
we now feel confident enough to ask a few fencing company's to visit and give us a quote, the dream of seeing these beautiful animals outside in the fresh air and not shut in our barns suddenly seems a possibility!

social media at its very very best x


oh my...
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